Meet the Artist

Mandy Kelso is an artist and writer based in the Lower Hudson Valley. Her works incorporate oils, acrylics, encaustics, gold-leaf, and burled wood as she documents the joy and catastrophe of nature through her vivid images. She is an active plain air painter which fuels the color and space captured in her larger studio works.

Her poetry has been published in annotated collections and she has been a guest reader at the REZ Reading Series, Kundiman Asian-American Poetry Readings, and Howland Cultural Center's Women's Art Show. Her book, "Poems for Wyatt," published in 2018, has been featured by the Pregnancy Loss and Infant Death Alliance's 2022 International Conference, where she will be a plenary speaker and presenter on the journey of loss through art and expression.

While Mandy's writing invokes nature as a reference for cycles of healing, her paintings focus on documenting the abundance and profundity of the natural world.