Mandy Kelso Art


Mandy received her degree in Studio Art and Literature from Rice University, where she attended on full scholarship.  In 2001 she was awarded the Zhongua Fellowship, which allowed her to live and study in Guangzhou, China for a year, studying culture, watercolor, and textiles.  Originally from Texas, she has worked in Austin costuming short films, and produced several fashion and art shows throughout New York and Texas.  As a community leader, she has served on the Board of Managers for the International YMCA, the Friends of Maple Grove nonprofit, and the United Nations Association YP Group as the Asian Affairs Director.  She currently serves on the board for Library For All, which provides educational content to students in impoverished countries.  She has traveled throughout Asia, South America, Europe, Australia, and Africa painting and speaks Spanish, and limited Mandarin and Polish.


Mandy was the previous Resident Artist at Theceeflat Gallery in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and now has moved her studio to Beacon, NY.  By sharing her artwork and studios, she has been able to support art exhibits and fundraisers for a myriad of global nonprofits and offers community art and design classes to the public on request.  She has worked as an instructor, fashion designer, and costumer for over 20 years and has painted over the last 15 years.  She has read her written works at various readings across New York City and has been published in abbreviated collections.  While her artwork focuses on narrative scenes from around the world (plein aire paintings from her travels) and the power, color, and profundity of the human spirit, her poetry more often comments on the unifying themes of struggle which serve to ignite and magnify such profundity.